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Banking Financial Data 

Extract data from the institution's data warehouse. Typically this involves a complex process of extracting data from a multitude of tables within the data warehouse. Bringing together the necessary information for a range of different tasks and projects.

For example: extracting all data around a customer's mortgage, its interest rate or their loan repayment history.  

Database/Report Migration

Migrate the existing database to a new more efficient and cost-effective process. This could also include the migration of a new reporting tool to streamline the reporting process.

For example: moving the location of a database to a cloud-based platform. Migrating the reporting process from OpenSAS to Teradata. 

Report Automation

Automate the reporting process to remove the manual cost and reporting errors associated with a manual process.

For example: Extracting data directly from the database and insert that directly into an excel spreadsheet while cross-checking all figures to ensure accuracy across all reports.

Algorithmic Trading

Automate the trade execution process for a given set of trading criteria. Integrating the process into a brokerage account.  Fully or semi-automated, giving the portfolio manager final say on the execution. This automation process is focused on long term trading decisions. 

For example: execute a trade to purchase 100 shares of a stock once all criteria for execution are positive and exit the trade given another set of criteria over the coming months or years.  


  • Investment Banking

  • ​Financial & Professional Services

  • Asset Management ( Algo Trading )


Specializing in solving business problems through Data Management, Business Intelligence and Analytics. Providing clients across a range of sectors with end to end data solutions. Helping assess, develop, support and deliver complex data programs.

Teradata, Python, R, VBA and Cloud computing

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