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Since inception, SMT Data Analytics has been focused on providing accurate financial data to fix business problems, drive business decisions and create real value.


For me, value is everything. Understanding that creating value for customers is the fundamental basis for every business in the long term.


Give my client the power to make the best business decisions possible for their business. My mission is to use my talent at fixing problems to add real value every day.


I see many great opportunities for a business when we have the freedom and time to think more constructively about the decisions we make. Providing accurate, efficiently produced data and communicating this into actionable information creates an abundance of possibilities. Adding this data efficiency to an experienced team brings very rewarding results. 

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Sean Twomey

Financial Data Consultant

I have been solving complex problems involving financial data for almost 10 years now. For such companies as AIB, PayPal and Bank of America.   It’s rewarding for me to take millions of rows of data and to refine them into useable pieces of information. Creating a story from this information that the business can clearly understand is an enjoyable daily task.

Automating the process of data extraction I believe is an important aspect of this process, so we, as the users of the information the data provides get more time. When we have more time to absorb and understand this information I think this leads us to make better, more thoughtful decisions.

For me, my role is to provide the most accurate data possible, communicate this information in an effective way via storytelling, providing valuable recommendations that make people's working lives easier.

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